English Language Collaborative

19792_811166518972148_9204778321649303379_nA few weeks ago, I spoke at the English Language Collaborative on behalf of The Bridge Fine Arts Journal as Editor-in-Chief, alongside the journal’s Managing Editor, Elizabeth Tobin. In front of an audience of teachers from Southeastern Massachusetts we explained the process of creating each year’s journal as well as how to apply our large-budget project to a small-scale high school publication.

We spoke about these topics in-particular:

  • Role of an editor
  • Multi-media campaigns to attract submissions
  • Curation of submissions
  • Design within the journal
  • How Layout affects the conversation between art/lit
  • Typography
  • Creative licence in regards to edits
  • Potential exterior design elements such as a die-cut or embossing
  • Interviews within the journal
  • Budget and Distribution
  • Awards

It was interesting to draw on my experience as Editor-in-Chief of my high school journal, The Observer, in a professional setting. I was amazed by how relevant my old, high school project became within our discussion of budget, printing, curation, and advertising.

If anyone would like more details on the presentation, feel free to email me at briana.rose.mcdonald@gmail.com


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