YA Review: Get It Together, Delilah!

Erin Gough’s Get It Together, Delilah – originally published in Australia – follows protagonist Delilah as she discovers what she wants to fight for and, perhaps more importantly, how. Short-tempered and easy to deny support from others (especially adults), Delilah’s snap-judgements tend to cause more problems that solutions. Tasked with saving her father’s failing café and grappling with her love for a closeted girl, Delilah discovers that “true bravery is not punching out the stranger who insults you…maybe it’s taking risks with your heart.”

The novel explores f/f relationships in a notably honest manner. Delilah’s first high school love was not the novel’s primary romance, but a failed relationship between Delilah and a girl with homophobic, self-loathing tendencies. The other was with Rosa (her main love interest), who Delilah idealized from afar but almost had to give up when she realized Rosa had no desire to come out to her family. Delilah discovers that her stubbornness – both in regards to love, friendship, and the café – are ultimately holding her back from experiencing the things she desires (including Rosa!)

Perhaps the most interesting part of the novel was the honest conversation around high school and college as choices rather than requirements. Delilah skips school for the majority of the book, focusing instead on the family business. Although her friends and teachers argue with her decision, it’s never seen as a totally wrong choice, even when Delilah ultimately returns to school. The novel’s frank conversation about education and choice is one of its many unique qualities that will surely attract young readers.



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