Women Adventurers

Learn more about the real female adventurers featured in THE SECRETS OF STONE CREEK, and explore resources for further reading.

In THE SECRETS OF STONE CREEK, protagonist Finley Walsh is inspired by the women in her favorite book, 100 of the World’s Greatest Female Adventurers, which features real explorers from history and the present. So readers can learn about these incredible and inspiring women, each chapter header features a brief bio about one of the 100 women.

The adventurers features in THE SECRETS OF STONE CREEK span the 17th century all the way through modern day, and represent a diverse range of races, ethnicities, sexualities and gender expressions so contemporary young readers can see themselves reflected in these real and inspiring women.

Sylvia Earle, explorer of the deep seas!

Learn more about Sylvia Earle at National Geographic and Britannica!

Bessie Stringfield, motorcyclist and American hero!

Learn more about her legacy at the New York Times and BlackPast.org!

Sunita Williams, the world’s first space athlete!

Learn more about Sunita Williams through NASA or Britannica!

Junko Tabei, climber extraordinaire!

Learn more about her accomplishments and legacy at The Heroine Collection or The New York Times.

Emma “Grandma” Gatewood, a woman of resilience!

Learn more about Grandma Gatewood at The New York Times and Washington Post!

Josephine Baker, using art to save lives.

Learn more about Josephine Baker at History.com and WomensHistory.org!

Anne Bonny, one of history’s most notorious female pirates.

Learn more about Anne Bonny through the Smithsonian or Britannica!

Amelia Earhart, the most famous female pilot of all time!

Learn more about Amelia Earhart’s legacy through PBS or Britannica!

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